Friday, March 9, 2012

Being Authentic

New Girl is such a great show for so many reasons. 
One of which being the funny and ever so adorable Jess. 
She is quirky and silly and undeniably her authentic self 
It got me thinking about how sometimes in life we may unintentionally change little things about ourselves for others, and how amazing it would be if more of us really embraced our authentic selves and all our little quirks.

I like to craft, and there is nothing that makes me happier than making something. I have "creative ADD" and I love it.  I may have a ton of projects going and sometimes it takes me forever to finish them, like years. Or I might not finish them at all. I buy things at Britex for no other reason than they inspire me. I say words like putter, shwoop and wicked. I get extremely excited about great stationary.
And you know what - I like all those things about myself.

Cheers to being you and no one else.

- Quote from New Girl, Image credit unknown. Found on Fairy Tales are True

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