Monday, March 5, 2012

Visual Merchandising Goes Green

I took a trip to one of my favorite inspiration stores, Anthropologie, this weekend.
How could I resist those beautiful window displays? They just lure me in every time.

Anthropologie on Market Street in San Francisco 


This time I noticed something new when I went in the store. My first thought was - Wow check out all the live plants in here! Upon second glance I realized that only half of the plants were alive. The other half had been created using various materials such as felt, rope, cloth and some sewing magic.
The visual merchandising team really outdid themselves this time.  

I was amazed at how easily the real and crafted plants blended with each other. It was such a great experience to see and touch the live plants and then touch the hand crafted elements.  

This was also a great marketing tactic that really got their customers wanting some spring and summer apparel. The displays of plants, warm weather shorts and dresses, and brightly colored apparel & accessories really screamed "Warm weather is coming! Gets your outfits ready now!" The desert design with the cactus elements can't help but make you want to be wearing a nice summer dress.

Don't mind if I do Anthro! 

Is it real plants? Nope - it is cloth, rope and felt!

These guys are real

Can you spot the real plants and the crafted plants?
Is that a desert oasis? Nope, just another display in Anthropologie.
Happy design inspiration!

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